by In2assets  |   September 29, 2015

Historical Convent Landmark Property with Exclusive Beach Access on Auction !!

National Landmark Property of extraordinary history and proportions is looking for rejuvenation chance by astute investor

Majestically situated overlooking the Indian Ocean, but hidden away like a bygone treasure is St Elmos the Monastery that could celebrate its 100th birthday in new style, if the right buyer can be found to turn this historical Landmark property into new uses, comments Rainer Stenzhorn from In2assets the specialised Real Estate company mandated to sell the property by public auction.

St Elmo’s was erected in stages as from  1918 until 1939  as a Catholic convent which was used as a retreat for  the  nuns of  the Third  Order  of  St Dominic  as  well    as  a remedial  school  for  children  with  learning disabilities. The Convent was forced to close down in 1994 due to the cut of government subsidies to institutions of such a nature.

The name of St. Elmo is attributed to an Italian derivation of Saint Elmo or St. Erasmus  (circa 300  A.D.), the patron  saint  of  the early  Mediterranean  sailors  challenging  the powers  of  storm and sea in  small  sailing vessels.  Legend records that when a blue light appears at mastheads before and after a storm, the seamen took it as a sign of Erasmus’s protection. This was known as "St. Elmo's fire".  St. Elmo's fire has long served as an omen of heavenly intervention to sailors and the Towers of the Cathedral of St Elmos can be seen by passing ships and boats from far, Stenzhorn continues.

The property consists of 9501 m2 of various buildings of colonial architectural style situated on a footprint of +-79.6 ha. The property has its own exclusive beach access with approximately 400 meters of beach front on the Indian Ocean.

The architecture of the church on St Elmos is typical of a historic floor plan of medieval times of the Catholic religion, even if the Church was only built in the last century. The layout is like a cross which means it became necessary to increase the space near the chancel which is situated at the top end of the cross with two side wings to accommodate large numbers of clergy, the choirs, or members of religious orders commented Stenzhorn further.

St Elmos is situated in Umzumbe approximately 100 km south of Durban in the province KwaZulu-Natal. Umzumbe Beach has an international “Blue Flag” rating.

Stenzhorn says, this unique property lends itself to become a Hotel Resort, Boarding School, Health care Facility or even a unique holiday resort which could easily match international standards with necessary renovations. The local municipality will welcome and support any efforts to rejuvenate St Elmos and its rich History.

The Auction will take place on the 12th of November at the Durban Country Club and any enquiries will be handled by Rainer Stenzhorn Marketing Director of In2assets [email protected]