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Selling Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural property can be an overwhelming task – ‘what is the value of my property?’, ‘what are the things to avoid as a seller?’ and ‘what are the best ways to sell my property?’ these are just some of the important questions when deciding to sell your property. At In2Assets we are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way, from marketing your property right through to closing on the perfect deal – you can be assured you will have the specialists by your side when it comes to selling your property.

At In2Assets we prioritize on service delivery by proving you with a complete service offering and an extensive network of listed properties – giving you the best options when it comes to selling your property. Over the years we have had success with selling property by auction with our skills, knowledge and world-class auctioneering expertise. Selling your property has never been more stress-free and straightforward! We can help to secure you the best deal possible. With us, you sell on your terms! Our sales process includes a purchase and sales agreement based on the seller’s terms. It does not allow suspensive conditions and our focus lies on a conclusive transaction in the shortest possible time. Marketing is the key to the sale of a property! Our marketing team will guarantee maximum exposure in the market place which will result in the highest possible price that the market is currently prepared to pay.


  • Reserve price safeguards the interest of the seller
  • No ceiling on the reserve price
  • Auction is a speedy process (4-6 weeks)
  • Auction forces buyers to make a quick decision
  • Auction creates a competition
  • Many buyers can drive the price up
  • No suspensive clauses and conditions
  • The sale is done on the seller’s terms
  • Maximum Exposure in the Market brings more buyers
  • Broker Network introduces your property to every corner of the market
  • No commission payable by the seller
  • Protection of the property value at Auction

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