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How It Works


  • Sign Mandate
  • Submit due diligence
  • We finalize property brochure
  • Aggressive marketing
    campaign begins
  • Offers received via encrypted offer
    to purchase
  • Once the deal expires, the offers submitted
    to you. Deal done


  • Create a Dealroom account
  • Submit signed NDA & FICA
  • Access granted to the Dealroom
  • ,View confidential documents
    brochure, due diligence
    packs & Deed of Sale
  • Submit your signed offer online
  • Once the deal expires, your offer is
    submitted to the Seller for consideration

What Makes Us Different?

An exclusive highly confidential transaction platformClosed network property listings
End-to-end encryptionNDA mandatory for access into Property DealroomHigh Level Data security

Frequently Asked Questions

A highly confidential and secure virtual vault where high value properties are exposed to a pool of exclusive high profile and pre-qualified buyers facilitating conclusion and priority within a short period of time.
•    Safe, secure and confidential compared to public listings
•    Pre-approved qualified and selected Buyers
•    Qualified and highly experienced Dealmakers
•    Mandatory confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements pre-participation
•    Professional and detailed property Brochures and due diligence documentation
•    All legal documents and contracts
•    Financing assistance to buyers
•    Short timelines - optional to submit offers before deadlines
•    Optional invitation of shortlisted buyers to In2assets Boardroom
•    Auction to maximize price on deadline
•    World class marketing to invite buyers into the Dealroom
•    Confidentiality prevents exposure to tenants, competitors, unnecessary third parties and the broad uninterested public non-buyers
•    Non-disclosure of reserve / asking price results in even higher prices than expectation
•    All access and submission of documents and contracts via highly sophisticated, encrypted and protected systems
•    Direct and free marketing on Capx2, the first Commercial Property Portal in SA developed by In2assets
•    National Footprint
All national and international property investors and end- users confidentially invited into the In2assets Property Dealroom including:

•    The pre- selected and screened database of In2assets built over 18 years
•    Listed Property Funds
•    Property Syndications
•    Property divisions of National Banks and their high network client bases
•    New property investors frequently added into the Dealroom
•    Top South African companies pre -selected and identified by In2assets
•    High profile Commercial, Retail and Industrial properties
•    Farms
•    Distressed and re-possessed properties that may require confidential disposal
•    High value leisure properties including Hotels
•    Properties owned by Listed Property Holding Companies
•    Properties that require the confidential protection of Tenants
•    Featured properties
•    Blog posts
•    Video uploads
•    Marketing on various National and International property portals
•    Inclusion of various Property Brokers in SA
•    Design of various Google AdWords with different keyword components to attract different segments of the market
•    Design and management of a Google AdSense campaign
•    Create Global and National advertising strategy
•    Direct invitation to In2assets Data base
•    Marketing on Capx2 – SA’s first commercial only portal

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