by In2assets  |   November 21, 2022

Thinking of selling commercial property?

Thinking of selling commercial property? Think In2assets

Selling commercial and industrial property are in principle no different from selling residential property. The only difference is that buying residential property is regarded as an emotional transaction whereby commercial property is seen as an economical deal. 

In both cases Buyers are considering a number of similar criteria such as location and price. Whereas home buyers like to study if they can see themselves living in the new property, commercial property buyers will be looking to picture themselves doing business in the commercial property that they are viewing.

When buying commercial property there are a number of key considerations that will has to be considered. The seller must understand that a buyer of a commercial or industrial property is very specific and must find the right property that meets the requirements to run a particular business. 

This is where an In2assets auction sale comes into play. 

With an In2assets property auction a buyer is in the position to do its due diligence straight away on the day of the viewing. A bidder’s pack is handed out to every prospective purchaser and includes amongst others the following information: 

Detailed property description, erf size, accommodation details, building plans, SG diagrams, lease schedules and tenants’ details if any, zoning certificate, detailed property location, title deed information, town planning information, municipal information, list of property expenses, copy of the title deed, rules of auction and other pertinent information pertaining to the specific property. 

The bidder’s pack is regarded as a valuation document without a figure, allowing a potential buyer to arrange finance and make a firm decision straight away. 

This is why In2assets property auctions have become so popular and combined property auctions are conducted nationally every month. 

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