by In2assets  |   July 18, 2023

Telkom Service Hub in Evander on Auction

31 Reading Street Evander. This 3965m2 industrial property is located at the northern outskirts of the Evander Industrial area, in 31 Reading Street, where it has exposure onto Reading Road. This artery leads directly from Solly Zwane Street, the main road into the area which also links the northern and southern suburbs of Evander.

The surrounding area represents an established light to medium industrial suburb, with a combination of buildings of dated construction and more modern type developments. Surrounding properties include SASSA offices, a vehicle repair complex, engineering workshops and warehouses, amongst others. 

The property offers access to the main streets through the area and is located a short distance away from the R546, which runs north to south to the surrounding towns. 

Evander Extension 2 represents the industrial hub of Evander and is located between the northern and southern residential suburbs of town, with another industrial area located to the south – east from here. This extension is situated at the western outskirts of town. 

The surrounding area is mostly developed, with no vacant stands available in the immediate area. 

This fully fenced property offers three buildings with a guardhouse, all constructed from prefabricated materials.  All buildings are single storey in height, and the site also offers a service pit. The suburb is situated at the north – western portions of town, where it is surrounded by residential and industrial suburbs. Large portions of the land stand undeveloped, making manoeuvrability easy for larger vehicles.  

Office building 1, located at the western boundary, consists of three offices and male and female ablution facilities.  Office building 2, located at the southern boundary, offers an open plan office, three smaller offices, a kitchenette, and male and female ablution facilities. Office block 3, located at the northern boundary, consists of three offices, a fourth office with water closet, a storeroom, and male and female ablution facilities. 

A small guardhouse is located at the entrance to the property and the site boundaries enclosed with precast concrete palisade walling. Small areas of brick paving are available at the buildings. 

According to the SG diagram, the property is subject to a Servitude, 3.15m wide, along the eastern border. 

As per our on-site measurements, the Gross Building Area measures approximately 435m², broken up as follows:

Offices 1                                  ±    181 m² 

Offices 2                                  ±    115 m²

Offices 3                                  ±    124 m²

Guardhouse                           ±      15 m²

This property forms part of the Telkom portfolio with 49 properties on auction on the 22nd of August 2023 at 13h00. The auction will be livestreamed with online bidding facilities. Email or call 0861 444 769.