by In2assets  |   July 21, 2023

Telkom Property in Bontebok Street Komatipoort

Redevelopment potetial in Komatipoort This 7200m2 fully fenced potential retail type property is situated at a location, just to the east from the Komatipoort CBD, where it is accessed via Bontebok Street. This artery links up with both Puntjie and Bok Streets, which lead from the main street through town, known as Rissik Street.

The immediate area is made up of residential properties to the east, with predominantly retail accommodation to the north and west. Most of the buildings in this area are of dated design and construction. A church, a general dealer, a butchery, and neighbourhood shopping centres. 

The property enjoys easy access to all roads linking the area with the main street through town and is located about 5km from the N4 highway. The surrounding area shows good demand, with very few vacancies.

This property, with a site extent of ±7,200m² consists of an office block with detached canteen, together with a temporary structure serving as a guardhouse. All of these buildings are constructed from prefabricated materials. Two sets of carports are also available on site. All buildings are single storey in height, and the large, unimproved areas allow for easy manoeuvring of larger vehicles. 

The office building interior is in fairly neat condition, and consists of a reception area with filing room, four offices, a filing room, storeroom and ablution facilities for both male and female. Detached from the offices building is a canteen, which is liked thereto by means of a covered walkway. The canteen building consists of an open room with kitchenette area. A total of five air conditioners are available at the office building, but it is unknown if all of these are in a functional state of repair. 

A large, double volume carport area is located at the entrance gate and is enclosed with fence. Attached to this structure are more, single storey carports, also enclosed with fences and gates. A third carport is located next to the canteen and is open sided. Large portions of the eastern area of the site are paved with concrete, while the western section remains unimproved. The site is enclosed with diamond mesh fencing with razor wire tops. 

As per our on-site measurements, the Gross Building Area measures approximately 590 m², broken up as follows:

Offices                                     ±    232 m² 

Canteen                                  ±      85 m²

Guardhouse                           ±      28 m²

Large, enclosed carports        ±      92 m²

Standard, enclosed carports  ±    114 m²

Open sided carport                ±      39 m²

This property will be sold as part of a Telkom portfolio of 50 properties by In2assets, on the 22nd of August 2023 13h00 on In2assets livestream auction platform. For more information on the bidding requirements WhatsApp 0635001652.