by In2assets  |   July 6, 2023

Prime Property Near Durban Harbour

Prime Property Near Durban Harbour on Auction will relieve Logistics Property Shortage. 21,612 m² Redevelopment Opportunity offered via the In2assets Auction Platform, set to aid Durban's Harbour Precinct Durban, a city known for its bustling port and vibrant logistics industry, a massive property measuring 21,612 square meters positioned in Sarnia Road, is poised to become the epicenter of a transformational redevelopment. Located near the Durban Harbour, this prime real estate promises to address the pressing shortage of logistics property within the bustling harbor precinct, fueling a surge in demand and excitement among investors and developers’ alike comments Luke Hearn from In2assets, the national property company.

The current shortage of logistics property within Durban's harbour precinct has become a critical challenge for businesses operating in the region. As the city's trade volume continues to expand, the demand for efficient warehousing, distribution centers, and storage facilities has skyrocketed. With this new property entering the market, stakeholders are eyeing a golden opportunity to bridge the gap between demand and supply explains Hearn further.

The vast expanse of 21,612 square meters offers an ideal canvas for redevelopment, allowing for the creation of cutting-edge facilities that can streamline and optimize logistics operations in the harbor area. The property's strategic location near the port ensures proximity to key transportation routes, reducing transportation costs and increasing efficiency for businesses involved in the import and export sectors.

Local authorities and industry experts have lauded the upcoming potential redevelopment project as a game-changer for the Durban Harbour precinct. It has the potential to attract major logistics companies, manufacturers, and exporters looking to establish a foothold in the region and capitalize on the city's thriving trade ecosystem.

The property forms part of a portfolio whereby In2assets will dispose of 50 Telkom Properties including houses, warehouses, Training Centers , Post Offices and Office Blocks across the Country

Real estate developers, investment firms, and logistics experts have already begun expressing keen interest in this prime property. The scarcity of available land within the Durban Harbour precinct, combined with the property's strategic location and immense potential, has fueled a sense of urgency among those aiming to capitalize on this unique opportunity ends Hearn his Statement. 

With negotiations and plans already underway, the future of this 21,612-square-meter property near Durban Harbour seems destined to reshape the logistics industry and unlock a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to thrive in the heart of South Africa's busiest port.

This property will be part of a livestreamed In2assets combined property auction, on the 22nd of August 2023 whereby 50 nationwide positioned Telkom properties will be on sale together with other Commercial and Industrial Properties. 

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