by In2assets  |   August 25, 2023

In2assets Sets New Benchmark: R170 Million

In2assets Property Specialists Sets New Benchmark: Sells 47 out of 51 Telkom Properties in Mammoth 6-Hour Auction, Achieving a Whopping Turnover of R 170 Million Date: August 25, 2023

By: Hein Hattingh

Durban, South Africa - In a ground breaking achievement that has sent shockwaves through the real estate industry, In2assets, a prominent property auction company, has once again proven its prowess by orchestrating a record-breaking auction that has left industry insiders and enthusiasts alike in awe. 

The event, a mammoth 6-hour livestreamed auction over the internet, saw the successful sale of an astounding 47 out of 51 properties sold and confirmed at the fall of the hammer, from a national portfolio owned by Telkom. The jaw-dropping turnover of R170 million achieved in this remarkable auction has firmly solidified In2assets' reputation as a trailblazer in the world of South Africa’s property auction industry.

The auction, which unfolded on the 22nd of August 2023, witnessed an impressive participation of 180 bidders, all vying for properties located in every corner of the country, spanning across various provinces. The livestreamed event, with over 580 online spectators additional to the registered bidders, a modern twist to traditional auctions, allowed bidders from far and wide to actively participate and place their bids remotely, creating an electrifying atmosphere as the virtual gavel dropped on one property after another.

The Managing Director of In2assets, Hein Hattingh expressed his excitement and satisfaction at the unprecedented success of the event. "This auction marks a significant milestone for In2assets and for the industry as a whole," he stated. "We are immensely proud to have achieved such an exceptional turnout, with a whopping 49 out of 51 properties finding their new owners. The high level of participation from bidders across the country validates the strength of our marketing strategies and the appeal of the properties themselves."

The auction's triumph was the result of meticulous planning and strategic execution by the In2assets team, which left no stone unturned to ensure the event's success. Each property in the portfolio was presented with an unmatched level of detail and showcased in a way that resonated with potential buyers. The extensive marketing campaign undertaken by In2assets played a pivotal role in attracting a diverse and eager pool of bidders.
Industry experts have unanimously hailed the achievement as a testament to In2assets' expertise and dedication to delivering unparalleled results. "To sell 47 properties out of 51 in a single auction is no small feat," noted Craig McLachlan, a renowned figure in the real estate sector. "In2assets has set a new benchmark for property auctions, raising the bar for their competitors and redefining the dynamics of property sales."

As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, In2assets has undoubtedly emerged as a beacon of innovation and success. The remarkable auction serves as a resounding reminder of the company's ability to adapt to changing market conditions and deliver exceptional outcomes for its clients.

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