by In2assets  |   July 7, 2023

In2assets concludes Sale of Durban Business Parks

In2assets a leading real estate company specializing in property sales, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the sale of four fully tenanted business parks in Durban for a total sum of R190 million. This transaction signifies the robust market sentiment and growing demand for high-end industrial properties in the region.

Durban, with its strategic location near the port and airport, continues to be a highly sought-after destination for businesses in need of excellent logistic hubs. The city's unique position provides convenient access to global shipping routes and efficient transportation connections, making it an ideal choice for companies engaged in international trade.  The sale of these business parks is a testament to Durban's enduring popularity as an investment hub. The properties, with their fully tenanted status, showcase the strong demand for quality industrial spaces in the region. The diverse tenant base further highlights the city's ability to attract a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

In2assets, with its expertise in the real estate market, facilitated the transaction with efficiency and professionalism. The company's commitment to delivering exceptional service to both buyers and sellers has contributed to their ongoing success in the industry.  "We are thrilled to have concluded the sale of these Durban business parks," said Hein Hattingh, CEO of In2assets. "The transaction underscores the confidence investors have in the Durban market and the potential it holds for high-end industrial properties. Durban's strategic location and strong infrastructure make it a prime choice for businesses seeking excellent connectivity and logistical advantages."

"We understand the high demand for quality industrial stock, both from investors looking for lucrative opportunities and end users in search of modern, efficient spaces," added Andrew Miller, Group Auctioneer for In2assets. "In2assets is committed to identifying and securing suitable properties that meet these requirements, thereby contributing to the growth and success of our clients."

As a result of the strong market demand, In2assets is actively seeking additional stock of this nature to meet the needs of investors and end users. The company recognizes the growing appetite for quality industrial properties and aims to provide a diverse range of options to meet market demands.

This successful sale further solidifies In2assets' position as a trusted partner in the real estate industry. The company continues to provide comprehensive services to clients, including property sales, auctions, and investment opportunities across various sectors.

For more information about In2assets and their services, please visit  or contact Andrew Miller on 031 574 7600 or 082 493 2362.