by In2assets  |   January 30, 2023

Hiring-Commercial Industrial Property Practitioner

Hiring a Commercial & Industrial Property Practitioner and its advantages. A commercial and industrial property practitioner or commonly known as broker can help potential clients save time and money by carrying out a professional service.

Spread the word and building a network in the targeted area

A commercial and industrial property practitioner likes to be seen as the area specialist. Therefore, in each area that a commercial property broker intends to work in, they create a network with important members of the concerned community. Every time a property is for sale or to let, the property owner will most likely remember the relevant broker.  This ensures that they have a first agent’s advantage every time a property is up for sale or to let when a prospective buyer or tenant emerges in the community.

Understanding zoning regulations and tax

Many individuals refrain from investing in commercial and industrial property real because of the large number of complex rules and regulations governing the taxation and purchase of commercial property. This complexity is intensified by the fact that these rules and regulations vary across provinces, cities, industries, and commercial zones. A commercial real estate practitioner must have an excellent understanding of tax and zoning laws to carry out the aforementioned formalities on their client’s behalf and, thus, remove a barrier to investment in commercial and industrial property. 

Evaluating Investment opportunities 

A commercial and industrial property practitioner evaluates a clients’ business needs to determine the feasibility of a specific property investment. Statistical analysis such as break-even analysis and desktop valuations are used to determine the basic margin of safety on a client’s investment.

Dealmaker or Dealbreaker 

A Commercial and industrial property broker has to be an excellent negotiator and mediator. Unlike in the residential property field, buying a commercial property is an economical decision. Hence Commercial and Industrial property practitioners often have to deal with more than two parties with different needs, when concluding the sale or lease of a property. The various parties often have conflicting motivations, which a commercial real estate agent helps align through negotiations. Therefore, a commercial and industrial property broker must have excellent communication and persuasion skills to successfully navigate negotiations.

Conducting research is necessary

The success of a client’s business depends often on local conditions. A commercial and industrial property practitioner must provide prospective buyers of commercial real estate with research regarding local businesses and demographics, environmental quality, property maintenance costs, traffic conditions and the desirability of the location of the property.

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