by In2assets  |   February 29, 2024

High-profile Properties sell through Auction

High-profile properties often sell well through auctions for several reasons

Competition and Urgency

In2assets Property Auctions create a sense of urgency and competition among potential buyers. The time constraint and the competitive bidding environment can drive up the price as interested parties try to outbid each other.


Our Property Auctions provide a transparent and open process. All participants can see the bids in real-time, ensuring a fair and open competition. This transparency can attract more potential buyers who feel confident in the fairness of the process.

Market Value

Our auction process helps to determine the true market value of a property. Bidders, through their actions, provide real-time feedback on what they believe the property is worth. This can result in a fair market value being established during the auction.


Our Property Auctions are efficient and time bound. They allow for a quick and streamlined sales process, which can be appealing to both buyers and sellers of high-profile properties who may want a swift transaction.

Marketing and Exposure

In2assets Property Auctions generate significant marketing and publicity via a database of 50000 subscribers. High-profile properties benefit from the heightened exposure in all digital channels associated with our auction events. This increased visibility can attract more potential buyers, including those who may not have considered the property otherwise.

Serious Buyers 

In2assets Auction participants are typically serious, qualified buyers. These individuals have often done their due diligence and are prepared to make a purchase. This can reduce the likelihood of deals falling through due to lack of commitment from potential buyers.

Seller Control 

Sellers have more control over the terms and conditions of the sale in an auction. They can set a reserve price (the minimum acceptable bid), and the competitive nature of the auction ensures that the final price is likely to meet or exceed expectations.

Certainty of Sale

Once the hammer falls and the auction conclude, the sale is binding. This certainty of sale can be attractive to sellers who want to minimize the uncertainty and potential delays associated with traditional real estate transactions.

In summary, high-profile properties often benefit from the competitive, transparent, and efficient nature of auctions, attracting serious buyers and helping sellers achieve fair market value in a timely manner.

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