by In2assets  |   February 22, 2023

Going, Going…. Gone!

Inspired by an auctioneer’s chanting phrase Bob Dylan wrote the song and released a record with the same name in 1974.

Going, going …Gone, is a well-known phrase and also used by In2assets national auctioneer Andrew Miller, to signal that the bidding is about to end. The auction attendees will now know that the lot that is auctioned at this moment and once the hammer falls, will not be longer available and then is ultimately gone.

Often the bidding competition gets another spark, and some bidders just wait for that moment to place another bid. 

Broken down, the first Going means there is speed, velocity and trajectory that might suggest that you should act fast if your interest is to own the property currently on sale, but you have given a last chance to catch this property before it goes. 

The second GOING signals that some lucky bidder is going to score this lot, and if you really want it this is perhaps your last chance to step up your game in the hope to secure it, even though it’s likely going higher and further than you were prepared for. 

And GONE means just that. Either you were the lucky and savvy bidder who made a great catch.

It is not uncommon at In2assets property Auctions to see conservative bidding on high profile properties up until the last 20-30 seconds of an auction, and then a whirlwind of last-minute snipe bids which sends the price to the roof.

The In2assets auction audience enjoys the adrenaline rush that accompanies the bidding process. The auction atmosphere is exhilarating for many participants. Time seems to fly by during auctions as bidders set their sights on a sought-after property and strive to experience the feeling of excitement that comes along with being the winning bidder.

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