by In2assets  |   March 14, 2023

2023 Boucher Legacy Art For Conservation Auction

I met Tom Hodgson and Andrew Miller in the lead-up to our 2022 Boucher Legacy Art For Conservation Auction. We initially met online through several zoom calls to establish how we go about an auction, I had heard that "In2Assets" are best in class in the field of auctioneering.

Through Andrew Miller, the team had offered their services to our Legacy pro bono, given what we represent as a Non-Profit Organization and also what we have done in protecting Endangered mammals over the past twelve years.

On the day of the auction, Tom was given the lead role to head up our auction while Andrew Miller, who has been his mentor and colleague, helped us to run the logistics on the floor. The professionalism and expertise of both Tom and Andrew on the day were beyond any expectation and the skill that I realized was required in this field was very unique and literally amazing. We had a very successful inauguration auction with over R2 million in art pieces sold and a handsome sum accruing to The Boucher Legacy for conservation programming.

Since this auction, Tom has won a number of accolades as an auctioneer including the South African Young Livestock Auctioneer Competition and in doing so will now represent South Africa in Canada at the International Livestock Auctioneer Championships held at the Calgary Stampede.

In 2023, Tom again led our Boucher Legacy Art For Conservation Auction as we took forward our learnings from the previous year and almost doubled our turnover in art pieces reaching R3.7 million. I noticed that he had gained even more experience in the year since our previous auction and his confidence and conviction were even more positive.

This ability is a rare talent and comes with experience and practice.

I really do appreciate Tom and Andrew's support and giving of their time to help our Boucher Legacy and artists to realize their full potential and for us as a non profit organization to raise funds to continue the protection of endangered mammals.

Yours sincerely

Alastair Hewitt

Director The Boucher Legacy