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Contact us today to sell your industrial property as fast as possible. We understand the processes that are involved in facilitating quick commercial property sales. We are a forward-thinking company with a diverse transaction, methodology, including the development of new modern online auction platforms that will transform the way real estate will change hands in the near future.

Different types of properties require specific sales and marketing strategies.Here are some basic tips to selling your commercial property swiftly tips .Contact us if you would like to sell property quickly complete the enquiry form ,and we will contact you shortly.


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Establish Value

Our team of property professionals are able to deliver a comprehensive estimation of value to make sure you have total confidence in your market related pricing strategy.


Make your listing stand out

Use our marketing expertise to encourage prospective buyers to visit your property’s web page, featuring professional photography and a detailed property description



Our Team of online Property Professionals will keep you constantly informed of the actual sales progress and any new offers submitted from buyers or brokers.


Approve Deal

Our dedicated experienced legal team is supported by the latest technology with the use of the In2assets App to ensure that all necessary steps towards a conclusive transaction are taken.. 

Industrial property sold by In2assets

Property facilitation


Our Sales Team offers strategic solutions aligned with the corporate business objectives, to maximise value, save costs and create competitive advantage.

Property letting


We have digitized the auction process, with all bids received with the use of the In2assets App.

Marketing services


Our integrated services are built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge.

Brokering networks


Our First to market digital representation of the traditional tender process.

Live public auctions


The traditional way of hosting physical auctions at a designated venue.

Online property auctions


Bidding is allowed on properties with a specific predefined time frame.

Your first step to selling a commercial property fast is to get to know your market. Establish a buyer base of companies or individuals who may be interested in your property. Selling commercial property successfully is a multilevel process. In commercial property, an asset that sells within 3-6 months of being on the market is considered a quick sell. To achieve this requires a significant amount of research and background effort.
Buyers have changed the way they make decisions about a property. With the access to information that a potential investor now has, it is even more important to price your property at the correct level. Property investors will research every detail about a property before purchasing, so it is essential that you, as a property seller, look at your property from every angle and price it accordingly.
Your next step is making sure your target market knows about your property. The South African property market is rich with websites that provide a platform to sell commercial property by owners. Property portals generate significant traffic as they collate different types of properties for sale all on one website. There is also a huge following online looking for distressed property auctions, repossessed properties on auction and property auctions. There is a perception by property bargain hunters that property bought on auction is a bargain because it is worth more than what was paid for. If your property is not selling through traditional methods consider listing it on a property auction website. This method is known to sell property fast.
Property trends have shown that the market has moved online. The traditional estate agent model has made way for a new way of selling property which uses websites, smart phones, apps and social media to sell commercial property fast. Nowadays to sell property at the right price, online tools and social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube must be used strategically. The In2assets App allows for the auction process to be digitized and auctions to be conducted online, enabling participation from anywhere in the world.
Properties need to look presentable and well maintained as this could affect your asking price. It helps to consult an expert in property assessments who can advise you on what renovations and finishing touches are needed.
Your next step is to ensure that you keep up with communication and social media. Respond to emails and queries without delay and keep all stakeholders informed. It helps to have a blog or website for larger high-end properties as it provides a public platform for information to be distributed easily.
In2assets knows how to assess your property, price it correctly, get your property listed on all relevant channels and platforms and use the latest technology strategically to market and sell quickly.

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