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Most people who say ‘I want to sell my farm,’ want it to sell as fast as possible without understanding the processes that are involved in farm sales. Holding onto a property you have earmarked for sale means your money is tied up and you are vulnerable to market fluctuations. The idea of selling property fast by yourself is actually a myth that is being perpetuated online. The reality is that selling a property as quickly as possible, at the right price, takes a lot of effort and expertise.

Different types of properties require specific sales strategies. If you are trying to sell a property for the first time by yourself the whole process can seem quite overwhelming. Are you wondering ‘who will buy my farm?’ Here are some basic tips and secrets to selling your real estate fast. If you follow these tips you should sell your farm quickly. If you would like us to sell your property quickly, complete the enquiry form here, and we will contact shortly - We are experts and here to help! Here are some tips on how to sell business property quickly


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Your first step to selling a farm fast is to get to know your market. If you are trying to sell vacant land fast your sales strategy will be very different from someone trying to sell a business with real estate attached or someone trying to sell an industrial property fast. It helps to answer the question, who will buy my farm? A farmer will be your target if you are wondering how to sell a farm fast and a large property investment company may be your best try if you are looking for cash buyers for farm. Most people do not know how to sell farm without a realtor because they have no idea where to start. However, they are eager to sell their property fast. A websearch asking questions like ‘how to sell land online for free’ or ‘how to sell unwanted land’ will often come up with options like easylandsell which buys vacant land for cash. Before getting taken in with the idea of selling your land quickly there are easylandsell reviews online which you should definitely look at before considering this option. Selling farm successfully is a multilevel process. The first step is accepting that there is no quick fix if you want to sell your land fast. In farm, an asset that sells within 3-6 months of being on the market is considered a quick sell. To achieve this requires a significant amount of research and background effort. Find out which reputable companies buy vacant land for example. Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering if it was worth it to get into the property business in the first place? The good news is with effort and the correct application of our tips it can be worth it!
Buyers have changed the way they make decisions about a property. With the access to information that a potential investor now has, it is even more important to price your property at the correct level. Property investors, particularly the ones who say, ‘We buy commercial real estate,’ will research every detail about a property before dropping a few million on it so it is essential that you, as a property seller, look at your property from every angle (positive and negative) and price it accordingly. Usually, you will need to consult with someone who has detailed knowledge in property valuation or commission a Comprehensive Market Analysis to determine the correct market price for your property. A price that is too high will turn away potential buyers and a price that is too low will mean you are losing out on potential revenue and undercutting yourself. The wrong price could mean your farm ends up sitting on the market for a long time.
Your next step is making sure your target market knows about your property. The South African property market is rich with websites that provide a platform to sell farm by owners. Some of the most popular websites are, and These websites generate significant traffic as they collate different types of properties for sale all on one website. There is also a huge following online looking for distressed property auctions, repossessed properties on auction and property auctions. There is a perception by property bargain hunters that property bought on auction is a bargain because it is worth more than what was paid for. If your property is not selling through traditional methods consider listing it on a property auction website. This method is known to sell property fast.
Property trends have shown that the market has moved online. The traditional estate agent model has made way for a new way of selling property which uses websites, smart phones, apps and social media to sell farm fast. Nowadays to sell property at the right price the seller must use these online tools and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube strategically. It is also important to have channels open to connect with investors locally and internationally. In this market, emails that go directly to a specific target market are far more effective than a traditionally printed property magazine in the Sunday papers. In fact, electronic property brochures and videos of high-end properties are becoming essential selling tools. The sales materials available for higher-end properties are extremely important, especially if it is commercial real estate. A company that says, ‘We buy commercial real estate,’ will definitely look at the marketability of a property. Having the correct sales material puts your property in the best possible light. For example do you have a warehouse on auction? It may help to commission an electronic brochure with pictures and details of your warehouse. Do not forget to include an area profile as buyers who are interested in a warehouse will certainly look at ease of doing industrial production in the area. They will look at transport and storage facilities close by. If you have an office complex on auction your marketing material may need to be different. You will need to include an area profile that includes information on accessibility to residential areas, shopping malls and transport routes.
Your next step is ensuring that the property you have for sale or to be auctioned is looking sharp. In other words anything that is broken, damaged or could be a potential turn-off should be taken care off before you put the property on the market. If you want to sell vacant land fast or you want to start a property business this is a very important consideration. People buy with their eyes and if your property does not look presentable, for example if the grass on your vacant land is over grown or the paint on your office block is non-existent your market value will suffer. It helps to consult an expert in property assessments who can advise you on what needs to be take care of on the property before you even ask the question, ‘Who wants to buy my land or real estate?’.
Your next step is to ensure that you keep up with social media and communications. Respond to emails and queries without delay and keep all stakeholders informed. It helps to have a blog or website for larger high-end properties as it provides a public platform for information to be disseminated easily.
Finally, if you feel that selling farm on your own is too time-consuming there are also companies that can assist you with selling your farm quickly. In2assets know how to assess your property, price it correctly, get your property listed in all the right places and use the latest technology strategically to sell you property quickly. In addition to this In2assets are known for closing sales at the highest possible value because they have marketed a property so well.

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