Portal Syndication

Utilise the power of our local, national and International target driven Advertising Campaigns.

In2assets offers affordable online marketing campaigns to connect with investors locally, nationally and internationally. We offer fixed cost solutions to publish your property on various platforms which includes the following: 

  1. Property Exposure on a network of national and international property portals
  2. Email campaigns to selected subscribers
  3. Property advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter
  4. Comprehensive electronic property brochures and flyers
  5. Own web page per property listing
  6. Dedicated Online consultant fielding calls and filter enquiries for seller
  7. Specific drafted Lease Agreements
  8. Blog Post support
  9. Property related legal advice and assistance

Facebook Advertising

High Impact Medium

Facebook offers large format news feed ads with content driven incredible click through rates 

Geographic Target Penetration

We focus our campaigns on geographical areas, age groups, income groups and groups of interest, to match each property with suggested prospects.

Quality Lead Generation

Consistently great results reported by increasingly and growing loyal followers 

Increased Awareness

We showcase your property, development or real estate investment to millions of users globaly.

Affordable Pricing

Effective low entry level advising fees, high return on investment – time and time again.

Map of Umhlanga

Rich Content

Geo-coded Properties

Our professional staff constantly revise the property marketing campaign and add detail to enhance the listing, such as longitude and latitude values. 

In-depth knowledge

Each property listing is analysed and the best property attributes are selected and used to create investment highlights. This further enhances the value and quality of property listings.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic. Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail with the advantage of almost instant delivery. With In2assets we reach a substantial numbers of email subscribers locally, nationally and internationally who have opted to be informed when new property comes to the market. 

Solo Target driven Marketing Campaigns 

Dedicated to the promotion of a specific property, solo marketing email campaigns are a launch springboard, generating a spike of leads from a specific targeted market  

Selection Email Campaigns 

This campaign will reach a database of subscribers that have opted to receive information on specific types of properties or targets a group of networks such as estate agents or brokers that can assist in the sale of a property.   

Social Media Posts

LinkedIn Advertising

With a user base of over 300 million working professionals and a plethora of highly relevant information on each user, LinkedIn advertising solutions have become powerful tools for our marketing team. With LinkedIn, we effectively target a highly engaged professional audience that was previously difficult to reach.   

YouTube Advertising

Marketing on YouTube turns viewers into fans, and fans into new customers. Using YouTube adverting we offer a variety of targeting options that help us to reach the right buyer for your property. With YouTube we can target any age, gender, location, interests and income groups. We have complete control over a daily budget, so you can spend what you’re comfortable with, plus, you only pay if and when someone engages with your ad.


Google AdWords is a key part of any online marketing strategy as the returns are instant. We promote your property on the world's largest PAY PER CLICK advertising network. We will work out cost-effective keyword campaigns to push a single property, development or your entire portfolio. There are more than 12 billion searches each month across the globe on the Google platform, which attracts a third of all online advertising.

Google Adwords

Specialist Expert Online Advertising

We employ campaign managers with experience in real estate, backed up by the latest online technology and by call centre support to manage any feedback efficiently. 

Tailored Marketing Solutions

We work on individual options to generate increasing traffic and leads to your property page on our website.

Flexible Pricing And Budgeted Solutions

Choose your marketing campaign from our fixed price packages, cost per click with keyword auctions or tailored budgets.

Content Marketing

Property Advertising campaigns can also run across the huge Google AdSense network, with text and image adverts appearing where the page or site content matches specific keywords related to a search.