In2assets is South Africa’s leading online real estate marketplace, with a team having sold thousands of commercial properties to the tune of over R 15 billion since 2005. Offering desktop and mobile technology, In2assets allows for safe and easy complete real estate transactions entirely online. The Key of our success has always been our extensive Network with Commercial Brokers and Real Estate Agents. We bring quality properties to the market and attract prospective investors from around the world. By practicing world class marketing and a scalable technology platform, brokers, buyers and sellers are able to conduct transactions in a speedy, transparent and efficient manner.

Commercial Auction Platform

Allow preregistered buyers to compete on the sale price of a property in a public space

Commercial Auctions have become increasingly popular for sellers and Real Estate Professionals, due to the following benefits:

  1. There is no commission payable by the seller
  2. There is a fixed time line set to the transaction
  3. There is a joint sole mandate in place with the referring broker
  4. The transaction is not subject to any conditions such as finance or buyer’s requests
  5. The property will receive maximum exposure in the market due to custom made advertising campaigns

In2assets offers the online auction mechanism or physical auctions on site or as part of our combined commercial property auctions. The Broker or Real Estate Agent will always have a joint sole mandate on the specific property and can participate in viewings or on joint marketing. 

Commercial Auction Platform

Timeline Transaction

Timeline Transaction 

Deal with serious contenders, negotiate sales conditions, view indicative offers and select a preferred offer, and finally allow your selected purchaser an exclusive diligence period.

Timeline Transactions are about to replace the conventional “Make an Offer” conditions. Traditionally as soon as a conditional offer has been received from a purchaser and is accepted by the seller, the relevant property is taken out of the market place sometimes for several months. Therefore, Timeline Transactions gaining more and more popularity for the following reasons:

  1. There is a joint sole mandate in place with the referring broker
  2. There is a fixed time frame set until an offer can be submitted
  3. Transactional conditions are set by the seller
  4. The property will receive maximum exposure in the market due to custom made advertising campaigns
  5. Only compliant buyers will have the opportunity to participate in the Timeline Transaction

Engage with

Engage with Sellers

A Simple Introduction explaining our services to a seller could be the lead to a successful transaction

Submit Proposal

Submit Proposal

The In2assets Proposal submitted to the seller will outline the entire process. 

Secure Sole

Secure Sole Mandate

With In2assets the introducing Broker or Real Estate Agent will have a joint sole mandate. 

Join Marketing

Join Marketing Drive

In2assets offers maximum exposure in the market place by combining all efforts with the referral broker

Receive Offers 

Receive Offers

Offers will be vetted under strict rules to shorten the property transaction timeline.

Conclude the Deal 

Conclude the Deal

Receive deposits and secure finance to conclude a transaction in the shortest possible time


Allowing Brokers to Conclude More Deals by Joining Forces

Promote your seller’s property under strict conditions and ensure maximum exposure via multiple property portals, online and social media advertising, combined with world class online marketing technology. Work under a joint sole mandate and stay in the driving seat on all levels of the transaction. 

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