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In2assets is the ONE-STOP SHOP ONLINE REAL ESTATE solution.

In2assets has grown over the years through strong relationships and associations. As property specialists we focus on maximising results either through experienced Auctioneering Services, Brokering or Online Technology. We provide you with un-paralleled services and superiority where honesty and integrity are never questioned. In2assets are driven by our core values.
We promise to give you superior services and optimum results whilst being cost efficient and keeping to the strict legal compliances.

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Solutions we have to offer you

We specialise in the selling of Real Estate and provide the best possible solutions to achieve successful sales through any of the following sales platforms:

Live Public Auctions

no one knows auctions like us because we are the auction specialists.

Online Property Auctions

Online ensures convenience and non-intimidating bidding for the benefit of buyers.

Brokering Services

Our integrated services are built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge.

Online Property Rentals

Our extensive real estate experience and knowledge make us pioneers in the rental industry.

Property facilitation

Our Sales Team offers strategic solutions aligned with the corporate business objectives, to maximise value, save costs and create competitive advantage.

Brokering Networks

We have integrated with teams of experts nationally who find suitable asset disposal solutions for our clients.


First class in providing exclusive Property Tender services.

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Natal Coastal Homes High In Demand & Affordable Once Again

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Office Building in Umhlanga for Sale

Office Building in Umhlanga for Sale

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The Spotted Grunter Resort is located within the Eastern Cape town of Port St Johns which is nestled between two mountains alongside the Umzimbubu River mouth.

What do we understand under Commercial Property?

What do we understand under Commercial Property?

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